Spanking 101

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Spanking is hands down no pun intended the most popular activity in the world of BDSM. No-Go Zones include: lower back, tailbone, hip bones, and backs of the knees. You want to leave a mark on her memory, not her medical bill. Every butt is different, but your hand should be around the beginning of the crack between her cheeks. Not So Fun Fact: Spanking 101 is spanking 101 blood-thinner, so that glass or two of wine you drank with your submissive to loosen up might undo all your warm up!

All those blood cells you sent to the surface of her skin are much more vulnerable to bursting and becoming bruises. But maybe you want to skip the wine anyway since it will impair your aim. You can run your hand down her back and over her hips as part of the final touches of a massage, soothingly as a respite from some other deliciously cruel activity, or you can drag your nails over her sensitive skin to keep the energy flowing.

One concept you might have heard of is warm up. This is the process of starting slowly with soft slaps or a firm massage on her buttocks. Perhaps even start by spanking her over her undies first before spanking her directly on her skin.

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So which spot s should you be warming up? Any area you intend to hit! Have you thought about the thighs? The back of the thighs and the inner thighs are often very sensitive, so you can get some nice reactions from your submissive when striking these.

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When spanking, feel free to vary the location and the intensity. Standard spanking procedure is to slowly increase the intensity from a low warm up to heavy hitting, but it is often good to break up the severe spankings with some medium spanks or massaging. Soft spankings can be boring, but harsh spankings are unsustainable.

Consider asking your bottom to use the pain scale 1 being hardly anything, 10 being the worst pain everand stay in the range for the intense portion. Be sure to stay in communication with your submissive.

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Listen to her reactions and watch her body language. This helps your bottom continue receiving the spanking longer, meaning more time with her butt for you! Once your fun is over, your job is not yet done. Offer her some Arnica cream to rub into the affected areas spanking 101 the next few days. Better yet, offer to rub it in yourself! Arnica is an ancient herbal anti-bruising medicine available in many natural or health foods stores. If your submissive is a frequent spankee, she may already have some on hand, but it never hurts to offer and it shows her you care!

Which reminds me of aftercare: Aftercare is how partners or players reconnect after intense activity, or how they keep the play going. You might want to cuddle with your submissive and talk about what happened. If your play is still is going or if you want to keep in tip-Top character, talk with her about what she did wrong to deserve the discipline and how you expect much better of your submissive in the future.

Remember: learning from spanking 101 is fun, but practicing with a set of bottoms is even better! Please do your research and contact a professional ahem…come visit us! Did you catch the new addition to AOS yet? Held off the announcement for those eager early birds out there. Actually Fun Fact: Did you know the clitoris is actually mostly an internal organ?

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It extends through the labia! This means if you spank a woman right at the crease between her buttocks and her thighs — angling your strike slightly upwards — you can send vibrations right to her clit! Some women can even orgasm from this kind of spanking when it follows some other arousing activity.

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