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An example of to spank is a parent striking their child's butt with an open hand.

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Fetishism may include a desire to submit, dominate, have someone spank you or simply act out fantasies of multiple origins. Filters 0. Words form: spanked spanking spanks.

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See word origin. To slap on the buttocks with a flat object or with the open hand, as for punishment. A slap on the buttocks. To strike with something flat, as the open hand, esp. To soundly defeatto trounce.

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The ship was really spanking along. An instance of spanking, separately or part of a multiple blows-beating; a smackswator slap.

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A slapping sound, as produced by spanking. To spank is defined as to slap on the rear-end to punish. To move briskly or spiritedly.

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To move along swiftly or smartly. A smack given in spanking. To beat, smack or slap a person's buttockswith the bare hand or other object, as punishment, gesture, or form of sexual interaction. Origin of spank. Perhaps of imitative origin. Spank Sentence Examples. Would you spank me? Related articles. Gorman William Albright. Also Mentioned In. Words near spank in the Dictionary. Spanish wall spanish-town spanish-virgin-islands spanish-walk spanish-water-dog spanish-water-dogs spank spank-bank spank-banks spankable.

Spank finder

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