Smoking fetish men

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He fantasizes about me smoking all day, every day. I did for nine years, but quit five years ago before I met him. I hated smoking — the smell, the waste of money, the example I was setting for my kids, the harm to my health and feeling out of breath. Smoking has killed some of my relatives, and Jeremy knows it. But every day he keeps begging me to start up again.

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He asks me to hold a cigarette, take pictures of myself smoking it and send them to him. He wants to smell it on my breath.

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It really bothers me. He knows how I feel about every aspect of it.

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We have spent hours and hours talking this out. We plan on having a baby. I feel this is going to ruin our marriage.

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What should I do? Give in and start up with this horrible habit again to satisfy my husband? If Jeremy loved you, rather than risk your health for his sexual gratification, he would be seeking professional help for his fetish. Smoking is not a harmless habit. If you take up smoking again, it will ruin your health and endanger the health of any children you might have with him.

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Do not give in. Do not risk cancer or lung disease to please him. It was an outdoor event, and to my chagrin, the whole crowd to our left was talking over the speakers, which made it impossible to hear.

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My children, who also could not hear, were mortified when I shushed the group very loudly. It made no difference, but the argument now is that I acted inappropriately. I believe I was right, and I wish I had even stood up and asked loudly for them to please be quiet. What do you think? The individuals who were talking were rude not only to the speakers, but also to the audience members who wanted to hear what the speakers were saying without being distracted.

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Good for you for trying to get them to pipe down. BoxMount Morris, IL Franklin Banner-Tribune P. Morgan City Daily Review P. Search form Search. Facebook RSS. Jeanne Phillips. Dear Abby.

Smoking fetish men

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