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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Nov 26, by anonymous views 58 comments. Do stories told by your wife of her past sexual adventures turn you on? What is the best story told by your wife? Lets hear from you husbands. My wife has had quite a wild past.

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She's had mfm 3somes, various guys that did things with her in many public places. She's had sex with women, each using strap ons with each other. The one she talks about the most is the sex she had with very well hung black guys. When my wife was 16 she was fucking this black college guy. Her mom had no idea. One weekend she lied about spending the night at her friends.

Her GF covered for her and her mom never really checked or cared where she was. There were slutty confession 40 people at the party and 3 were white girls. She thinks about black girls and the rest black dudes. She later learned about 10 of the black dudes were on the football team. She got drunk of course and her BF got her to suck one of the black dudes dick in the middle of the kitchen with others watching.

I will brag on my wife here and say man can she suck dick. The black dude came all over her face and hair about 2 minutes later. James made her clean his dick then told her to use her own shirt to wipe the cum off her face. My wife has always been super submissive to black men and she has told me this guy owned her pussy and ass and she did anything and everything he told her to. After that my wife just starts undressing and walking to the bedroom. I have to go to bed as my wife Has been reading what I type and reliving that night has her pussy drenched.

My wife is a prude but my side chick is a busty, slutty slut. My favorite of her stories are when she fucks some stranger in public, like in a park or the slutty confession behind the library, never even knowing those guys names. So nasty. My wife was such a cute little slut when she was a kid on a catholic middle slutty confession and high school.

The thought of her thick cotton panties drenched with pubic schoolboy cum is so hot! She has gone nude on a public beach. Gets nude in the car while I drive her around. At outdoor cookouts. She pulled a train with teen boys. She is a total home nudist. Her and her sister got drunk and had sex together. Used pay at the pump to pump gas nude. And on and on. My wife pulled a train of teenage busboys at a family wedding in a big hotel.

Too much to drink My wife confessed to me that when she was in middle school, she had a homely looking male teacher with gray hair that she always fantasized about him eating her out and her taking full control and being rough during sex with him all because she felt sorry for his nerdy, homely ass. Well, a few years go by but one day they were alone and they were reviewing math problems together and she felt the tension and got horny and started to get closer, Basically rubbing her crotch on his elbow she was standing, he was sitting.

Over about minutes he got the al and started to first get nervous then excited and next started rolling with it. She bent over the desk and while they were talking closely, they leaned into each other and kissed. My wife says that her heart was beating so loud that it was all she could hear and her legs started to get super weak. It was extremely nerve-wrecking and hot and horny at the same time her pussy was so wet she could feel the cool air on the wet panty spot. Slutty confession started to massage his dick through his pants, then unzipped, got on her knees and sucked his cock.

He came in under 10 seconds and wasn't even fully hard. It felt like it all happened so fast. They kept at it and she got her wish. He ate her pussy while she was shoving his head hard into her. My wife said she was holding onto his ears, pulling his hair, rubbing her pussy on his cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, she was just cumming and cumming and getting off at being eaten out and disrespecting the respectful, church going looking math teacher. He got hard again, fucked her and came again super fast.

I can clearly picture it and believe her because that's how she gets when I eat her pussy out. She gets brutally wild. She says that even though she always had her eyes on him, it only happened this one time because it happened in the spring of her final year of middle school.

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She wishes it would have happened in the first year of middle school so that they would have fucked for many years. This is what she claims, that it only happened once. I like to think they had sex several times after that and she just doesn't want to admit it to me. I don't believe they had sex only once. So was my girlfriend. She had sex with a lot of the boys in her school. She has told me some pretty crazy stories about when she was in school. That's cool!

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Yes, thinking about her smooth tight little hairless pussy engorged with boy cocks spitting up into her makes me horny. It does me too. She told me about these three boys that she was with and she said that all three of them were trying to get her to let them touch her. After a while of them grabbing at her and rubbing on her she finally gave slutty confession and let them.

She told me that it was really funny because she had pulled her pants down and bent over for them. The boys were all behind slutty confession with their pants down and she said that the first boy went up behind her and stuck it in and came instantly and when he took it out the next boy pushed his into her and automatically came.

The third boy was making fun of the other two for cumming so fast and he stepped up to her and as he was putting it in he also came. She said that all three of them together lasted about thirty seconds. When my wife was fresh out of college and starting a new job, she had shit for money. She used to carpool to work with her roomate's father to save on expenses. He didn't charge her money for the gas and the rides, but a few times a week should would have to give him a BJ before or after work as payment.

She said the after work part was OK, but he was a real dick and used to try to cum in her hair or in her cleavage before work so she'd have to spend all day with his jizz on her. Word spread and after a while she was getting passed around to a few different guys. She had to quite after less than a year because of slutty confession the shit she was getting for being such a whore. Hearing that story really got me hard. Love to hear other stories she has told you. Mine did it when our sons friends was over for sons birthday. A guy held my wife's head on his dick so she couldn't lift it off while he was cumming.

He was the kind of guy who puts out a lot of cum that she had to swallow most of or she couldn't breath. When she was telling me the story she noticed how fast I was getting hard listening to her describe it, she acted disgusted I would have such a reaction.

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My wife told me about fucking her step brother when sh was 12 and he was He went into the Army and she went into fucking. She had a lot of stories.

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My favorite was when a Black guy she had dated got pissed at her when she was 17 and took her to his apartment, stripped her down, fucked her a few times, and put her to work. He had lined up several of his slutty confession. He made her walk around the living room naked while his friends were there, then they took her back into the bedroom and fucked her.

The deal was that they could fuck her for free if they sent their friends in to pay to fuck her. Every couple of hours he would let her go to the bathroom and shower, walking naked to the bathroom while her next five or six customers got a look. She is less than five feet, with very big tits and a bubble butt. Being paraded around bothered her more than being fucked.

He kept her for two weeks, fucking between 30 and 40 guys a day. Finally he gave her clothes back and kicked her out. My wife's ex-husband use to tape their real good fucking sessions. So when they got divorced my wife kept all these tapes. I not only get to hear of my wife's past, but I get to watch her in action. These tapes are such a turn on not only for me slutty confession also my wife.

Some fucking her friends hot dad, girlfriends boyfriend, many one nighters and what her first black guy experience was. My wife's ex-husband wanted her to fuck a stranger while he hid and watched. One night after several drinks she agreed to do it. His plan was to order a pizza and have her fuck the deliverer.

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He called and ordered the pizza, and had her undress down slutty confession a nightie. After several more drinks the pizza arrived and he hid, but had a good view of the room. She answered the door and had the young man come in, he almost immediately got hard.

She pressed up against him and gave him a deep kiss. Before he left he fucked her twice. Her ex was so turned on he started fucking her before the pizza guy even got to his car. She ask me if I would like to do this, not sure, but the story gets me hard.

Slutty confession

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