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I now work in a high flying job and if my story ever got out, unfortunately, I would probably be fired. This story happened just a few years ago and before I dive into it I want to thank Jess for letting me share my story on her blog. I love attention, I crave it. He was nice, friendly but he lived thousands of miles away and I lived with my parents a thousand miles away in the other direction. The only reason I really spoke to him was that I was bored and I craved attention, why not get it from someone thousands of miles away?

For perspective, when this all happened, I was 19 years old and the man I was speaking to was We would speak most nights, talking about anything and everything. He liked to sit at his desk and I liked to sit on my bed as we talked over Skype, eventually, I told him Skype sex stories wanted to talk to him on camera, I said I felt a bit disconnected from our conversations without actually seeing his face and hearing his voice.

In the time I left him to sweat I changed into a low cut top and put on some short shorts. I rang him on Skype and there he was sat at his desk, in a black t-shirt, an untidy home office surrounding him. I sat on my bed waving, taking in his surroundings.

I smiled. I told him to talk, that I wanted to hear his voice. He said Hi and then told me he had to be quiet as his wife was home. He sent me a few messages over the weekend and I ignored every single one and then finally on Sunday night I sent him a simple —.

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He replied almost immediately, asking me how I was and then he called me using the video chat function. He was lit up by a warm lamp, which made his face glow. I was in my room, I had lit some candles but I also had a lamp that glowed and gave a warm, relaxing feel to my room. He told me his wife was out with her friends and I smiled, telling him I was glad because it meant we could chat.

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I lifted up my shirt and exposed my C-cup breasts to him, I squeezed them and then pulled my top back down. His mouth hung wide open, he said they were amazing. I ignored him and carried on making conversation. I could tell my tits were playing on his mind, he asked if he could see them again and I nodded, getting to my knees and pulling my top so that it rested above my breasts. I moved my camera down so that he could see my legs crossed and my panties. I pushed my hand inside of my panties and I could feel how wet I was. I moved out my fingers and moved them in front of the camera so that he could see them glistening from my juices and he put skype sex stories head in his hands, telling me he was so horny.

I told him I had to be quiet as my parents were home.

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I pinched at my skype sex stories and thrust into my fingers as he watched on stroking himself discreetly. I left the screen momentarily to grab hold of my favorite dildo that I had just bought. I sucked the dildo, moving my mouth to the camera so that he could see me sucking and deepthroating it. I then moved back and began pushing the dildo inside of me, moaning slightly. He was touching himself again as I moved up and down on the dildo, getting faster and faster.

I used my free hand to pinch my nipples and the other to thrust the dildo inside of me faster and faster. I told him I was going to cum, I got onto my back and pulled my legs up, thrusting the dildo quicker and quicker until I could feel an orgasm erupting inside of me, my juices exploding all over my dildo. I then moved my dildo slowly in and out of me whilst I came down from my orgasm. He had cum when I did, leaving his white fluid all over his stomach. He briefly left the room to clean up and came back. I had pulled off all of my clothes, I sat naked waiting for him to return.

He looked shell-shocked and I blew him a kiss, telling him to just call me whenever. I ended the chat. Your blog is amazing.

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Been reading it all morning! Totally and utterly wet right now.

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