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Welcome to our best fantasy dildo roundup for ! Discover the most exotic, creative silicone dildos that make for great Bad Dragon alternatives. There comes the point in your dildo-testing life where you start seeing and feeling the same thing for all your dongs.

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And sites like baddragon up to dozens of realistic toys all lined up after a castration-filled nightmare was the last straw. I was about to go on uh-huh-no-more-dildos-for-you-girl sabbatical. I guess after searching for hundreds of dildos and Game of Thrones alternate endings on the web, my browser finally figured out how to fill my geeky hole. Of course, no two kinky nerds are alike. For our Top 3 Fantasy Dildo Picks, click through these tabs. They offer the most massive dildo-riding action with four different sizes to choose from.

Best for Sci-Fi Fans. Dragons are dangerous legendary beasts with mythical penises that leave much room for your naughty imagination. Dragon dildos are the pioneers of fantasy dongs. Bad Dragon was the OG breeding ground for these dildos. Damn you, Night King! And once I got it out of the box, I can really see how much work and detail they put into this toy.

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You get a pointy, tapered tip for easy insertion. PLUS more elaborate plates on the front and back, with smoother sides. I even thought the scaly ridges and nubs would hurt my insides…. Even if I got medium-firm, every ridge and bump was sliding smoothly inside me. Sites like baddragon its 8. Though I have no problem taking in the smallest size of the bunch, some folks may still find it too big for their liking. If this is your first time trying fantasy toys or big dongs, you might want to skip this one.

OR get the XS variant with 6. And this toy is yet another nerdy piece of art to behold. My Mr. Its small, tapered head was easy to insert and gave me a comfortable stretch. And you can apply pressure on specific areas of your vag or rectum. While its pointy head means easier anal insertion, the downside is it got a bit uncomfortable on my cervix when I went all-in rough thrusting. While there are many customizable dragon dongs from indie shops and artisans, Sinnovator gives an easy online customization experience.

You can choose from over 29 colors and as many as 23x color combinations with just a click of your mouse. Unlike most dragon dongs with tapered he, the Typhon has a soft, pronounced tip that gives you a good stretch. I enjoyed its spine, gills, bumps, and scaly texture as it went in and out of me. PLUS, its spiny ridges hit my G-spot right. The only downside is its broad, boulder-like base. Tentacle dildos are as elusive as the unexplored G and P depths that they target.

They have increasing girths with multiple suckers to tickle your deepest, darkest desires. Like my Mr. It comes with an S-curved, tapered de for that comfy and pleasurable stretch. Curse you, anime lady! While its unique curve requires some practice, getting the right angle will sites like baddragon your G-spot.

PLUS, its gentle suckers felt awesome rubbing against my clit. The Tentacle Hentai Dildo is another handcrafted piece of dildo art for Hentai lovers on a budget. However, the tip is flexible enough to hit your P-spot. OR your G-spot as the firm suckers rub against your clit. What I like most sites like baddragon this dildo is its built-in super-strong suction cup without the added expense. It sticks to most smooth surfaces so that you can have the best hands-free action.

Unfortunately, the toy is quite a lint and dirt magnet. And wash it before and after use. Alien dildos bring a whole new meaning to out-of-this-world sensations. From vicious extraterrestrial Xenomorphs to friendly neighborhood lifeforms, you have a whole range of planetary fantasies waiting to invade your bedroom and your life. Xenomorphs are extraterrestrial creatures that want to propagate their species here on Earth.

I was a fan of the franchise, but I despised these acid-spitting breeders. I still went for the small dildo in black color and medium-firm but now added a Vac-u-Hole so I can attach it to my machine for some Pred-a-Hole vs. Alien action. Unlike my phallus-shaped Dragon Dildo from Mr. The solution? Insert the dildo into a fuck machine to get some hard Alien-pounding action.

The middle bulge will rub your G- or P-spot for some out-of-this-world orgasmic sensations. You can always get a Vac-u-Lock suction cup for some hands-free action. Not all extraterrestrial dildos invade and suck the life out of horny earthlings. Some cum in peace and find a sites like baddragon mate to spend the rest of their lives with.

The one where Jake Sully and Neytiri connected their braided hair tips? Good thing I got this translucent blue Avatar dong to fill my hole. PLUS, it comes with detailed veins, ridges, hair follicles, and foreskin, so you still get that alien-human hybrid kind of action.

I honestly chuckled when I saw how tiny they were. But I was pretty surprised at how it helped me control the toy. You can use the balls to thrust the dong with meaty might even if your hands are slick with lube. But what about penises molded from these walkers? Run for your lives; zombies are coming!

But some kinky nerds from Geeky Sex Toys gave us yet another run for our money. This dildo literally pales in comparison to the mythical and otherwordly colors and des on our list. But its heavily textured ridges, bumps, and stitches will give you all the extra ooohhhhs and aaahhhhs that you need. PLUS, the rotting balls are a major bonus for folks who want to play anally with the undead. I tried to exhaust every possible fantasy my nerdy brain can comprehend. In the meantime, here are four more fantasy dildo picks that took me on a whirlwind of pleasure. Never, ever attempt to stick this horn on your forehead!

The moment I got this dong straight from the bag, I decided to do it and got drunk. Well, guess what happened the next day? Hands-free colorful orgasms, anyone? And the swirls? They felt great while I was thrusting the toy in and out. The texture is also on the smoother side. If you prefer more textures on your toy, the Unicorn might underwhelm you. But I felt much fuller as I inserted it down to the base.

In terms of color, the sword was too cartoonish for my liking. But I did like the total insertable length that it gives. Plus its average girth that even fantasy dong noobs will enjoy. What I like most about this dildo sword is its ergonomic handle for solo and couples play. I actually enjoyed the subtle veiny bumps and comfy tip that moved in and out of me. If you ever fantasized about being a damsel in distress with your knight in shining armor to the rescue, use this.

Have your partner wield the sword like your life and orgasms depend on it. And oh, if you prefer to get rough or anal, you can always use the other end of the handle. He can hear you from the unfathomable depths of space. Okay, for starters. And as usual, Mr. Hankey never fails to amaze me with their great detail work.

The Kthulu was an amazing sight to hold and use. Its squishy, bulbous head stretched me up good. And I felt its varying textures while I was pushing the toy inside me. Like the Alien Breeder, the middle bulge was quite a challenge to get in at first. The Cyclops Dildo is the unsung mythical fantasy of your dreams if you prefer length over girth.

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It has an insertable While some users may find the one-eyed tip off-putting, It kinda looked like a bulbous, uncut penis with veins. The smooth, bumpy ribbed textures felt nice as I slid the dong in and out of me. And I surprisingly liked how the balls were hitting my clit. Cyclopes have two balls. I loved how soft it was that I could control which part of my vag I want to put more pressure on. Aside from Mr. Here are some of them:.

Of course, there are plenty of amazing alternatives for custom-made dragon dildos.

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Sites like baddragon

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