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At season 8's endit seemed as if things were fractured beyond repair between MJ and her friend of nearly 35 years, Reza Farahanafter months of digs, personal attacks and one restraining order taken out against MJ's husband, Tommy Feight. The pair ed off the Zoom maybe worse off than they were before the taping. Then the next morning, MJ called Reza. That off-camera chat made the season 9 premiere feel a little confusing, though, seeing as the duo's biggest step toward reconciliation happened without the audience present.

MJ admits she wasn't even thinking about Shahs when she called up Reza. You know what I mean? If I'm afraid -- which of course I am, I'm nervous to reconnect. I've got conflicting feelings -- but There's still much work to be done or, at least, seen on TV if already completed for MJ and Reza to get back to the place they once were something MJ's adamant will happen. The couple made the choice after Tommy destroyed some of their property, smashing planters in their yard "I shahs of sunset snapchat names a plant.

Whether Reza and Adam finally dropped the order remains to be seen, with MJ teasing that fans will find everything out as season 9 continues to air. Since they're not communicating and they're not seeing each other, obviously, he is still getting a taste of where Reza's head is at. And I think Tommy appreciates that there's now peace, because they were both in such an unhappy place, all of us, in an unhappy, dark place before.

So now it's like turning theyou know? As far as viewers know, Tommy has stayed committed to his ask that MJ not let Reza meet their son. It's not fun. So much better [together].

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And it is really worth it. It's worth the work. MJ says becoming a mom changed her entire outlook on life, making her take stock of the people in it and how she treats them. Reza ly criticized MJ for how she treated Shahs cast members, including Lilly Ghalichi, Asa Soltan Rahmati and Asifa Mirza, who all exited the series after butting he with MJ, who is quick to note that Reza "is just as equally at fault about that aspect of us having a hard time keeping our relationships clean because we're both messy.

She welcomed son Elijah in So you look at your partner and you say, without words, a million times a day, 'Look what we made. Look what we did. We did that. That pivot from sexy to more wholesome recently got a shock, when MJ admitted on an episode of Shahs of Sunset that her sexual fantasy is a "gang bang.

He's looking into his phone typing furiously, and I'm completely oblivious. And he goes, 'Oh, that's good. Your fantasy's a gang bang? I mean, what? It's not ever going to happen, and we're allowed to think about whatever we want. And I definitely don't want to hear what his fantasies are, although his will be, like, really boring.

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While the couple can no longer conceive naturallyMJ says baby No. And then, until that time, we have our hands full with a 2-year-old. That 2-year-old has also made MJ dive deeper into her Persian heritage. And then, here we are. I'm suddenly inspired to make sure that I'm keeping my Iranian culture more pure and intact, because now he's half-Persian and … I feel like when you haveand you start thinking about somebody else instead of yourself, you think about the meaning behind everything. Like, it's more important to me now to stick to what was given to me than to modify it, to adhere to what's easier for other people.

Being true to oneself is a bit of a theme on this season of Shahs. Case in point, Mike Shouhed 's latest cheating scandal. Mike owned up to virtually cheating on his girlfriend, Paulina Ben-Cohen, after denying that some steamy texts she found on his phone were from him. MJ called it growth, as Mike came clean so quickly, compared to the last time, when he denied cheating on his then-wife, Jessica Paridofor more than a year before copping to his infidelity.

MJ says seeing Paulina stand by Mike through this latest rough patch makes her believe that the couple is in it for the long run, even if she and Tommy keep referring to Paulina as Jessica. In the season 9 premiere, Tommy actually called Paulina "Jessica" to her face. And what's funniest to me of all shahs of sunset snapchat names that Tommy's never met Jessica!

He's never met Jessica. And the fact that he's still saying Mike and Jessica means that it's ingrained in all of us. In the same speech where he admitted to cheating, Mike alleged that there was a "snake" in the friend group, heavily hinting that the snake was two-headed, aka GG and Reza. It's so layered. And it's wild. There's so much. There's so many different turns and facts and people who own their part in things.

And so it's crazy. Oh my god. I finally snap out and I think I… there's some stuff that comes up that is going to be really hard. And then I lean into a bottle of champagne -- spoiler alert! No, I'm kidding.

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I don't know what happens, but it happens and it's really fun and I'm going to be laughing at myself. Shahs of Sunset airs Sundays at 8 p. This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors. If you are using ad-blocking software, please disable it and reload the.

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Shahs of sunset snapchat names

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