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Exploring the democratisation of sex work through sites like OnlyFansTwitterand Snapchat Premium, reporter and presenter Ellie Flynn discovered a disturbing of underage creators using social media to sell nudes.

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In recent years, selling nudes has become an increasingly popular way to build a successful career, or earn a bit of money on the side. Though nudes4sale sites existed before, the launch of OnlyFans — where users pay a monthly fee to specific creators for a steady influx of their content — in marked a turning point for selling and buying explicit content. Flynn believes that the perceived ease of earning potentially thousands a month is what initially appeals to underage creators. In retrospect, though, she does see the danger of sites like OnlyFans being accessible to teens.

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If we are alerted to any underage individual who has gained or tried to gain illegitimate access to nudes4sale platform, we will always take immediate steps to investigate and suspend the. Snapchat and Twitter, on the other hand, seemingly offer free reign to anyone hoping to sell nudes. Both sites seem to operate on a reactionary basis when it comes to explicit underage content, as opposed to introducing preventative methods.

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According to BuzzFeedOnlyFans has received 1. Between March 6 and 17, there was reportedly a 75 per cent increase in people ing up.

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Questions should also be raised about the liability of users who — knowingly or unknowingly — buy underage nudes from OnlyFans. Dazed media sites.

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