Naughty snapchat pictures leaked

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Hackers have released a series of images sent via the messaging service Snapchat and they have threatened to release more. Snapchat blame the use of 3rd party apps for the leak.

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This story goes back a ways and seems to have a new chapter every week. Snapchat is notorious for its core concept of deleting images soon after they are sent. Users have found various ways to circumvent this deletion.

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Education on keeping your big PC or even your laptop protected is commonplace and I think that for the most part people understand that they need an AV on those devices. Smartphones are a different matter.

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AV licences for smartphones and tablets are much less common. Despite the fact that a lot of people probably spend as much, if not more time, interfacing with their mobile devices. In this blog post I talk about how New Yorkers gave their personal data away for cookies.

This information is highly valuable to the right people. We also consider smartphones to be private devices but we are moving data through them over the internet onto services like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, clients and many more.

Naughty snapchat pictures leaked

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