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Enter live chat. Search Forums. Go to Mutual masturbation anyone? I can't get enough. It all started when my wife and I were playing around one morning in bed. I was going down on her and using a dildo in her pussy. Suddenly, she just grabbed it, pushed my head back and said "just watch Then she started working that dildo hard in her pussy.

Her head was off the pillow, looking down and watching. She had massive orgasm I could see wet labia spasming around the dildo. I thought I was gonna cum just watching.

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The next time, she asked me to stroke my cock while she did it, and wanted me to tell her everything She did the same. Telling me it felt better when she pushed it deeper and upwards. Also, she liked the fatter dildos and rubbing up and down quickly on her clit. No we do this all the time Anyone else? We love it too.

My wife masturbates while I watch, when she's close I slip the tip of my finger into her pussy and she's pushed over the edge, I love watching her pussy pulsing. Then she stands above me, fingering her pussy above my face while I masturbate, she loves knowing mutual masturbation forum I've come while looking at her.

She likes thinking about other men who have masturbated while thinking of her, or looking at her. Sometimes on a nude beach she'll see a man masturbating while looking at her, it turns her on. If he's her sort of guy that is My wife and I have done it many times and I think it's a lot of fun. I actually do it every now and them with a friend's wife. She doesn't want to let me fuck her, she says that would be cheating but she's jacked me off and sucked me off and let me play with her. I finally got her to let me eat her so I'm pretty sure I'll get to fuck her before long.

I love watching her make her pussy cum. She doesn't squirt but she gets soaking wet and her pussy looks beautiful Please keep posting, thanks.

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Oh now this is a topic that we have been doing for some time. The first time we did it was when we were dating and he took me to a movie. We mutual masturbation forum in the back row in the corner and got each other off. Made a little mess and felt sorry for the guys cleaning up the theater. Since then we have repeated that scenario many times, but bring along paper towels so we don't leave a trail. Come to think about it we haven't done that in awhile, time to go to the movies again!

Women love a confident man who likes to be watched stroked and more At least From my experience So many inventive games to be played with mutual Mastrurbation We love it! It's fun and so hot to watch my pleasuring herself. I love to cum one her and watch her work it in to her pussy and it totally turns her on! I did this with my ex all the time. We would lay side my side and i would jerk off as she played with her pussy, typically we would be watching eachother or watching porn. The best was in the shower, she would use the shower head to cum. I stood over her and came all over her face while she came.

It was amazing. We had competitions on who would cum first. She was always horny and once her finhers hit her clit she was done in 30 seconds or so.

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Now with my current gf. She has a hard time cumming and typically only cums from her vibe. I play with her pussy, ass or tits as she massages her clit. Its nice to hold her as she cums. Oh yes My wife loves the hand held massagers we have in the shower and jacuzzi. She puts it on pulsate, then holds it hard against her clit.

Sometimes she will sit on the seat in the shower mutual masturbation forum I will fuck her while she does it. I don't think she has ever lasted longer than 30 seconds like that. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On. Forum Rules. Do My Wife - Archive - Top. All Rights Reserved. All content on DoMyWife. If you are aware of any conflicts with the content submitted please contact the administrator 18 U.

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Mutual masturbation forum

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