Erotic enema stories

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I met Barbra at a singles' dance.

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Dancing with her was exciting as I pulled her into me to feel her tits against me. She didn't seem to mind. I asked her if she would like to go for coffee after the dance.

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My erotic enema stories stiffen a little at the very thought of my prospects for the end of the evening Liz was a college sophomore and lived erotic enema stories campus with two other girls. This particular month she was in agony. She had had PMS before, but never like this. Her roommates told her that it was not normal and that she should go get checked out. Eventually, admitting that her friends were right, Liz called Campus Health Services and got an appointment two weeks You called me up and told me that you had to have one of my special treatments today, asking if there was any way I could squeeze you into my schedule.

I mentioned that I was not working today and had other plans. You said you would pay me double what I usually charge. How could I pass that up??? I put on my white nurse's uniform dress, white thigh hi hose, When Daddy comes home from work, Kari knows what is expected of her. She must be completely naked and have her pussy shaved, and she knows that she will be getting an enema. Daddy really liked experimenting with enemas. Different types of liquid, different amounts of liquid, and having Kari hold it for different lengths of time. Sometimes he would even posi Hank led Anastasia into the house and straight to a room that contains many things that are familiar and yet unfamiliar to Anastasia.

There is what looks like a doctor's examination table only lower with stirrups in the center of the room. There is what appears to be an IV stand next to it. There is also something that looks like a traction handle above the A straight wine enema could cause alcohol poisoning. We had been dating off and on for two years. I was way out of her class,but she seemed to like me anyway. Polly had taken me to her tailor and had him make a custom Kelly saw the package propped up against her front door as she came home from her five mile run.

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Her asshole involuntarily tightened around the pretty green jeweled butt plug riding snugly between her ass cheeks. Plainly wrapped just like they had promised. Picking up the package and unlocking her front door she stepped inside. She erotic enema stories feel herself alread There is a certain amount of medical play in this story, namely an enema before anal sex.

If that isn't your cup of tea, then you might want to stop reading here. Otherwise, it's a fun little tale about a cute little tail. Dave was a metallurgist for an aircraft components compa The three-day shoot for the lingerie catalog had been completed, and Monica was able to take the day off and do some shopping in Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

Life as a young lingerie model had been good to her, and Monica's success at it had enabled her to buy a small but very cozy beach cottage in Malibu. Everyday she thanked the gods for that perfect body Editor's Note: story contains scat fetish content.

Every day I administered it with a douche, and I admit I at times got aroused at her genitalia — but a son is supposed not to leer at them, so I stared SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Enema Stories 4. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off.

Erotic enema stories

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