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I am a 19yo male, and I have had a fetish for fat girls as long as I can remember. I am very big women fetish and somewhat muscular myself, but it is very difficult for me to engage in intercourse with women unless they are overweight. I have been to FPH before and have seen people there say things like "people with fat fetishes are mentally ill" and "if I was attracted to fat people I would kill myself". It made me realize that I do not take pride in this fetish, and I actually find it horrifying that I am attracted to something that most people find gross. The problem is that it is not something I can simply stop.

I have tried to extinguish the fetish by masturbating to thin women and models and such, but to no avail. I even look at FPH to try and snap myself out of it, but that does not work. I'm not sure why I have this fetish, but I think this is a deeply rooted problem that started somewhere in my early childhood, and it has always caused me a lot of psychological angst. How can I get rid of this fetish that causes me a lot of mental pain and shame? Thank you so much for your help. Big women need loving too, nothing wrong with that!

Well for my whole life, everybody in my social circles was attracted to thin girls. They were always attracted to the really hot, skinny girls in school, and I would be interested in the chubby ones. Because of this, I began to question what was wrong with me and it just got worse from there. This is a really disturbing way of thinking. I understand you're a nineteen year old boy and women are literally just sexual objects in your eyes and your friends are the most important part of your life right now, but you shouldn't feel shame for being attracted to one body type over another.

One day hopefully you'll figure out that a woman is a woman no matter if she's lbs or lbs, but for now, best of luck. You're making a very hasty generalization there, because I don't view women as "sex objects" at all! I used to be afraid of approaching women or talking to them because I thought I was disturbing them or they would think I am trying to get into their pants.

In reality, I think women make awesome friends and I love being around them. Also, I can't really help the way I think. It has been conditioned into me since elementary school that my preferences were completely abnormal, and all I feel now is shame. I try to change it, but it either makes it worse or nothing happens.

If some asswipe on the internet or some douchewad you considered as a friend tell you you can't like a certain type of person, they can get fucked. It's not that different from someone big women fetish you can't be gay because it's not "normal".

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Big women fetish the same age as you and have the same fetish as you, in fact when I was 17 years old I too tried getting rid of my fetish. However I can't stress enough that this fetish does not make you a bad person, I promise. Those guys who coerce insecure women into being stuffed to immobility is not what being an FA is about. That scenario is the horrible, horrible exception to what should be a consensual relationship between a feeder and a feedee with before care, after care and limits.

From my experience you can't simply stop it and whether you like it or not it's most probably a core part of your sexuality. So you have two options, either continue trying to fight it or do what I did and simply accept big women fetish. You'll find girls who are fat and accept it, as well as fat girls who don't.

Some of these girls will be feedees and others won't. Whatever the case, being open and honest with these girls will serve you well. Just remember you are more than your fetish, it does not define you but please don't hate yourself for having a fat fetish. Well, like I said in the other comment, these shameful feelings started because I witnessed all of my peers being attracted to the skinny girls, and I questioned why I was attracted to the chubby girls instead of them.

Hmmm, I'm very confused about the generalizations made here about "fat women". Since when does weight define character? Since when are fat girls "polite" and "kind-hearted" or "will love you unconditionally" because they are fat? Or skinny girls "stuck-up"? I'm chubby, always have been. And it bothers me that assumptions on character are being made based on weight.

Why can't we just stop at "there's nothing wrong being attracted to a heavier woman, so long as she also meets your ideal in terms of personality"? Moviiiiingggg on OP, you're attracted to what you're attracted to. That's fine. You need to learn to be okay with what you feel inside. I know it's hard because you feel shame has been etched into your psyche as a result of your upbringing, but that speaks volumes about you as well and the fact that you might have unresolved insecurities about your identity, not some psychological issue pertaining to your attraction towards heavier women.

There's nothing wrong with you. Build your self-confidence because, believe it or not, self-confidence isn't only about appearance, it's about being confident in who you are and being authentic, despite the status quo within your immediate environment. I would start by not taking ANY advice from fatpeoplehate. Those people are truly mean, and from reading quite a bit there, hate one another and are in a constant competiton to outdo one another.

Those are not the people to be taking advice from. As for your fetish, get help from a professnal source.

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Not an anonymous online forum that wishes fat people were dead. A very good male friend always loved heavier girls. All because the woman, who was a very nice person, had some chub.

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They've been happily married for over ten years. What is wrong for being attractive to women who don't look like supermodels? Go enjoy your heavier women. I have a fetish for fat women and I really need advice on how to get rid of it. Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. I know plenty of dudes like you. Continue this thread.

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TL;DR More cushion for the pushin. More posts from the offmychest community. A mutually supportive community where deeply emotional things you can't tell people you know can be told. Whether it's long-standing baggage, happy thoughts, or recent trauma, posting it here may provide some relief. We'll listen, and if you want, we'll talk. We aim to keep this a safe space.

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Big women fetish

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