Adult nursing relationships stories

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We were teenagers, wonderfully intoxicated by our love for each other. As we drove away from my house, fully intending to go to the diner, there were a couple miles of awkward silence. Then he turned and gazed at me and our adult nursing relationships stories met: our destination had changed without a word being said.

We shared smiles of nervous anticipation. He turned his gaze to the road again and I noticed that his cheeks were flushed and his breathing rapid as I became aware of my pounding heart and butterflies swarming in my stomach. Another mile went by in silence and he turned the car into a lane that surrounded a fully grown cornfield that was very concealing. He stopped the car and we stepped outside on a soft grassy patch. We looked up and down and all around, hesitating, unsure of what to do next.

The sun was setting and amber rays reflected from feathery clouds and illuminated his strong stature and tender expression. After a long moment of looking around, threading fingers, and shifting weight from one leg to the next, he lowered himself on his knees in front of me, his eyes locked on mine, his wanting expression inviting me to follow, and raised welcoming hands that I gently grasped and then sat down. The wonderment of it was overtaking me.

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I began to relax and—feeling sexually excited and a little bit mischievous—I raised my arms over my shoulders and pretended to stretch. I checked for his response. After a long moment I relaxed with my arms at my sides, hoping he had taken the bait. He leaned toward me and gently lowered me on my back. His hands were trembling as he raised my dress above my breasts, wrapped his arms around me, and had some difficulty unhooking my bra. My breasts were tingling, my nipples erect, as my breathing quickened and I felt my breasts bounce out of my bra. I closed my eyes and felt his hands working both breasts, then his warm moist lips surrounded my left nipple and gently sucked it into his mouth as his tongue worked from back to forward.

I moaned in pure comforting pleasure and listened to him cooing as he rhythmically suckled. I became overwhelmed with an urge to give him a a gift from my stimulated breasts, as an instinctual biological urge took hold of me while my lover suckled, seemingly in a hypnotically comforting trance. Being teenagers, and later a young married couple with raging hormones, this giving experience became overshadowed by sexual intercourse. Now as I sit in a chair fully naked, my husband sitting on the floor between my thighs, he locks his gaze on my nipples. He kisses adult nursing relationships stories around my right breast, then the left one, and lightly suckles the area of firmness around my right breast until he has taken the nipple fully into his mouth.

His tongue rhythmically works from back to front and I feel it: My breast flutters with pleasurable ripples that descend to my nipple and I feel the release of my milk. He moans, sucks rapidly, swallows loudly, and then slows to a relaxing rhythm and coos. His mouth is so warm, his suckling so comforting, and the love I feel for him causes me to embrace him deeper into my nipple and I moan with a joy and contentedness that only comes during intimate times like this.

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I run my fingers through his hair, kiss his forehead, and pat him on the back as my mind wanders. Since we were teenagers he has been my strong warrior and protector, physically and emotionally, but when he bows to my breasts his armor and sword vanish, his soul is laid adult nursing relationships stories, and he becomes a totally different creature. He has always made me feel special, and even now at the age of sixty-two I have the healthy fruitful breasts of a young woman that he enjoys showing off in a modest way.

Then he latches on to my left nipple with a hungry suckling that eventually slows to a rhythm that sends me into a trance…. He tightens his legs around my calf and begins thrusting, his excitement stirring my insides as I become wet for him and envision what will come next. Sometimes I want him gentle and other times, like now, I want him to take me like an animal. I shove him backward, unlatching him from my nipple, and continue shoving him until he is on his back, still halfway hunching in the air and looking at me knowingly.

I gaze for a minute at his hard probing dick. He is squirming, hunching over his belly, seeking his home, my place to fill with his love.

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Watching him in this exciting agony thrills me and pushes me over the edge. Take me! Suddenly I hear him jump to his knees, feel his hands firmly grasping my hips, the frantic probing of his hot dick between my buttocks, and then. He moans, I moan. He moans louder and begins thrusting faster, harder, and deeper, panting, begging, as I feel his head swelling and throbbing. Now he is lifting my butt in the air with his forceful thrusting, moaning, and gasping, almost as if he were in pain. He is totally out of control and I love seeing and feeling him on me in this wholesome kind of insanity that he reserves only for me.

My vagina tightens around him as orgasm is on its way, stronger than most times, and I shriek in rhythm to his ever quickening thrusting. Then he abruptly stops thrusting, the head of his dick swells, his whole dick spasms and jumps inside me, and he explodes hot cum, pumping, pumping, and pumping, as I tighten around him stimulating him for more and then I cum again with alternating shrieks and grunts.

As our breathing slows and we experience the warm afterglow, he gently moves his dick in and out as if lovingly massaging the place he calls home, and I feel the last gush of his gift and moan softly. I sigh, relaxing, and think how happy—at the age of sixty-two—I am able to give my husband the wholesome gift of my breasts and still make him crazy for me.

Click on a heart to thank the author of this story! Vote count:. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. We are sorry that this post was not one of your favorites! I am so glad for your enduring marriage and all the blessings that come with it. Your story shows that the hotness of your sexual oneness is still on fire! Thank you for writing. Being adult nursing relationships stories for forty plus years and still so much loving!!!

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Many Blessing on you both, keepon loving!!!! I am amazed that you can produce milk so long after having children. To Loved By My Wife. It has taken our marriage to a higher plane of intimacy, bonding, and closeness. Our only regret is that no one told us about this rewarding aspect of marriage. Would you say this possible for most couples? Has it changed the attractiveness of her breasts? Could you tell us how you got her milk to come back in and how do you keep it there?

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Thanks for your interest, pigweed. Yes it is possible for most couples. It is not connected to the everyday hormonal workings of a woman and not connected to sex and becoming pregnant. It is outside of whether a woman is postmenopausal.

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To answer adult nursing relationships stories last question we did a lot of studying on Prolactin and oxytocin and the pituitary gland and the mental and emotional connection that has to take place. It has long been in the history of other cultures that a grandmother will lactate and feed the grandchild. There are foods that block prolactin, the lactation hormone and oxytocin, the let down hormone, and there are foods and herbs that stimulate these hormones.

It takes a commitment from both spouses. In the beginning you have to imitate the time schedule of an infant nursing and the first thing the man has to learn that suckling is not the same thing as foreplay sucking.

It is a combination of lightly sucking to hold on to the nipple and lightly munching from back to front. The nipples have to be stimulated in such a way that nerve impulses travel to the pituitary gland and cause it to secrete prolactin. The woman has to have the mentation of a nurturing giving person for the pituitary gland to secrete oxytocin for the letdown reflex to work.

There are thousands of couples that have discovered this added joy of marriage, and there are websites that have great information, and wonderful stories; Welcome To The Land Of Milk And Honey is one of them. Most of these sites are not committed to the Bible the way this site is but the information on how to induce lactation is very good. Because there is not much interest in it on this site the best thing to do is look up these sites instead of me boring the others. God bless you. Although Lady Smitten and I have been delighted and encouraged by the positive comments to our stories, and defended when there was criticism, it is disconcerting that whenever the subject of an adult nursing relationship comes up there is an eerie silence.

Even if we were not interested in it ourselves it would be fun and educational to read others experiences. Still there is this silence. Oh well, we have charted our own course since we were teenagers. We would very much like to share our experiences and yours with someone who is sincere about this and understands that ANR is no stranger than eating out pussy or sucking off a man or drinking milk from an Animal. Although this website is Biblical in nature we lost interest in this website because despite all of the things that people here write about concerning intimacy and sex we had no adult nursing relationships stories to share our special kind of intimacy, anecdotes, and feelings with.

That being said congratulations on being married so long.

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You mention pumping. I can express milk and squirt over and over all the way across the living room and yet I only get a few drops from the 3 different pumps that we have. The key to it in the beginning is for you and your husband to just enjoy it for what it is and not concentrate so hard on getting milk. Adult nursing relationships stories had drops after the first couple of days but it was months before I progressed from drops to a few squirts and several more months until I was really lactating.

And even then there were unexplained dry days until it became regular. We look forward to hearing from you and God bless you and your marriage as you embark on a journey of higher intimacy. But when we do I hope my dick is held tight in her pussy and her nipple in my mouth. Hey Smitten! Glad to hear you two are doing OK. God bless you both and stay horny my friends. To hornyGG from the Smittens. Nice to hear from you again. This is a great way to look at leaving this world! What a beautiful story! Being recent empty nesters, my husband and I are always horny.

We have been talking about an adult nursing relationship as well. Thank you! To mbro from the Smittens. Thanks for your comment about our story. A few words from the elder Smittens. We salute Blondie and her crew for this Biblical site. The advice on this site is caring and Biblical and uplifting. Per chance 3 years ago we discovered Adult Nursing Relationship and it has enriched our marriage beyond words and brought our marriage to a higher plain of intimacy. God Bless you all. Dear Mr. I so love how God has so beautifully made you for each other! The way you shared about it speaks wonderfully about the real blessing it is to the both of you and your marriage relationship.

I can only imagine how sweet the depth and the level of intimacy, which you so mightily experience in this precious season of your marriage relationship, must feel to the both of you. Must feel divine, for sure.

Adult nursing relationships stories

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