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A woman sits hunched over a laptop, scrolling through dozens of intimate images of herself in various states of undress — photos taken privately, for her partner, and published on the internet 4chan perth nudes her permission. That woman is Jennifer Lawrence. She — along with more than other female celebrities, including Kate Upton, Teresa Palmer, Kirsten Dunst and Kim Kardashian — was targeted by hackers who accessed her personal photos via iCloud and then posted them on the image board 4chan, before they spread to Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr and… everywhere else.

It just makes me feel like a piece of meat. Imagine if the first thing that popped up when a prospective employer googled your name was a video of you masturbating, or a link to a brothel? She had to change her and move. Cybercrime laws differ dramatically the world over. The law can help, but it depends on the circumstances and where you live.

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New legislation came into force in Victoria last month, making it an offence punishable by up to two years behind bars to maliciously distribute, or threaten to distribute, intimate shots without permission. This despite the fact that the Australian Law Reform Commission, in a major review conducted in and again this year, recommended a cause of action for serious invasions of privacy.

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Just as quickly as they inflict damage, offenders can disappear into the folds of the internet. Desperate for the images to be taken down, she filed a complaint with police and even enlisted the help of a legal service before being told there was nothing that could be done.

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He, quite literally, owned her. The photos have since been deleted but the damage has been done. In addition to the introduction of a breach-of-privacy law, Vaile would like to see increased education and resourcing for police — who, he says, are so thinly stretched that cybercrime is down the end on the scale of importance — as well as dedicated cybercrime units, which already exist in the UK. Until the law does catch up with cybercrime, the buck stops with us; this means taking safeguarding measures, from regularly changing your phone, and social-media passwords and never sharing them, not even with your partner to installing anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer.

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Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence leaked in massive celebrity hacking campaign